​Tea Room

All of this was made possible by the Late Emma Haward. She was a true inspiration to us all, a dreamer, a believer in people and most of all, she just loved Flamingo's!!!

We are not your traditional shopping centre, we are, what some would say "quirky" & "unique"..... and we love that!

Mabel's Emporium's concept was thought of in a local Sussex kitchen nearly seven years ago; the lovely ladies who started it all wanted a place where people could come for a leisurely shop and have a cuppa, while supporting the local community by giving local micro-businesses an affordable space to market their goods.

Mabel's Retail side

​​​Our Lovely Vintage-style Mabel's Tea Room in Sussex provides fresh home-cooked food & yummy cakes served up on pretty vintage china. Our menu includes fresh home-made soup, salads, locally made quiche & oven jacket potatoes, as well as a range of sandwiches & specials.  

No booking necessary, just pop in & grab a table.

Mabel's Emporium

​​All our beautiful stalls are owned by many micro businesses - we have over 70 of them, which means there's always something for someone!!  There's a huge array of different, vintage, retro, new items for you to purchase all while knowing you are supporting your local entrepreneurs!

We also host a range of courses, workshops and events, so look at our "Garden & Workshops" page to learn new skills, take up a hobby or keep the kids entertained.

miss mabel